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cat - 10/26/2022

What Cats Do When They Hate Toilets

What Cats Do When They Hate Toilets

It is important to find out in advance whether cats hate the bathroom because it can cause bowel problems if they use it while disliking the bathroom for a long time. The following few actions can help you see if a cat doesn't like to go to the bathroom.

1. Bird posture (cat bird posture)

I'm sitting on the edge of the bathroom, I'm extremely disliked, and I'm reluctantly using the bathroom under stress, and I'm terrible at even stepping on the sand, so I sit on the edge of the bathroom and pee. If you compare it to a person, it's similar to wrapping the toilet so that it doesn't touch the toilet because it's so dirty

2. The act of not covering the sand

Cats instinctively cover the sand after defecation. There are various reasons why cats don't cover the sand after defecation. The first is the expression of confidence that you think you're a complete owner of this area and that you don't have to cover it up. However, if you show the act of scratching the air or surrounding walls without covering the sand, it may mean that you hate the bathroom. (Exactly because I don't like the sand in the bathroom) Generally, cats like materials similar to soft natural sand, and they don't smell the sand they hate and think the feeling when they touch their feet is important. This could be similar to going into the bathroom and using newspapers instead of tissues

3. Late exit from the bathroom

According to a cat paper, cats that use bad toilets spend longer in the bathroom. This is because children who use bad toilets try not to go to the bathroom as much as possible, but if they can't decide after enduring it, they go into the bathroom and pee, so the time of use increases because of urine or feces. So, cats who don't like to use the bathroom decrease the number of times they use it and increase the time they use it. Therefore, you should be careful because if a cat puts up with the bathroom, it can cause cat urological diseases.

4. If you hesitate in front of the bathroom

If a cat hesitates in front of the bathroom, it may mean that it doesn't like the bathroom.